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Jazz-Ist Quartet

Jazz - Ist Quartet is playing together for 2,5 years. The band members are Flautist Halit Turgay, Pianist Ayca Kocaturk, Drummer Emir Ozoglu and Bassist Sezin Ahmet Turkmenoglu. Turgay's first album Turkish Tea Jazz Suite's recordings has been performed with Jazz - Ist Quartet.

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Turkish Tea Jazz Suite

Album Turkish Tea Jazz Suite Halit Turgay Flute

Why Turkish Tea Jazz Suite

For us, Turks, tea has a very important place in our lives. After working hard we drink tea as a Rest Tea. We name it as Joy Tea when we are happy. We have a definition of one glass of tea corresponding to every situation of our souls. Tea is a symbol for Turkish hospitality...

While me and my friends from aboard sailing around Kaş (Phelos- one of my favourite place in Turkey) we had this conversation. They told me “Tea is very important for you Turks; you drink tea while you laugh, you settle down with a glass of tea after a quarrel...” Thus it came out the name of our album “Turkish Tea Jazz Suite”

I have performed concerts all over the world. I have played several compositions of composers sometimes with orchestras and sometimes in chamber. After a while to play something different I have begun to make arrangements.. During these trials my own compositions began to show up. In two or three months these compositions in harmony formed a jazz sound album.

Here you will find short explanations about how each of these compositions formed and which feelings have turned into notes. Besides we present you short intros of each composition. I hope you share the feelings we tried to tell...

I will appreciate if you please share your comments on the compositions you listen

With all my respect

Halit Turgay / Flautist



Flute Halit Turgay Kaş Phellos

I am a real sea lover. And in my opinion the world's most beautiful sea is in Kas (Phellos). Probably the idea of making my own album occured in Kas because of such kind of natural beauty. The opening work is Kas. I tried to tell its calm blue sea, purity, peace and innocence away from the evils of the world,. Let's see if you can hear the sound of pebbles.


Chat Box

Flute Halit Turgay Chat Box

Let's leave the peace in Kas and turn back to real world. Phones ringing during the day, incoming messages, tweets, pokes... Don't you ever feel yourself as surrounded by the technological signals? Thus the Chat Box formed with transition of the messages from friends to notes. Very simple but technological sounded dialogues during our daily life routine...


Sleeping Giant

Flute Halit Turgay Uyuyan Dev Promoteus

There are many mythological legends about Kas with its sea, sky and hills filled with different magic. Zeus punished Prometheus for his disobedience to Gods, who watches city silently across the harbour. Prometheus, sleeping giant, is often sad but sometimes his silence turns into a scream. You will hear allegiance and revolt in the same composition.



Flute Halit Turgay Istanbul

İstanbul, my city. A legendary beautiful city with its Maiden's Tower, its sunset, surrounded by sea all around... Have we known its value or wasted all these beauties?. Personally I am not optimistic. In the 4th piece of the album a tragic extinction of Istanbul is told. A deep sorrow and countdown.

Turkish Tea

Flute Halit Turgay Türk Çayı Turkish Tea

For us Turks, tea has a very important place in our lives. When we work hard we drink Rest Tea. When we are happy a glass of tea is named as Pleasure Tea. For almost each of our mood there is a corresponding name for tea. Quarrels, disputes can be forgotten with a glass of tea and come together as friends. We wish to meet with people in beatiful occasions for Turkish Tea that gives its name to our album.

Black Sea

Flute Halit Turgay Karadeniz Black Sea

And the final piece of the album. Black Sea ... Black Sea, restless, vivacious, cheerful, enthusiastic ... It is formed of Black Sea melodies blended with jazz sound and performed with jazz instruments. My friends and I always have fun playing this piece. I see a smile appearing in the faces of audience. I hope you have fun, too.

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